"Moan"-A- Lisa

The year was 1998. I was working my first official massage job at a chiropractors office in Ohio.

I had a client that was an hour long massage that I saw every week. She was a quiet little lady named Dottie. Dottie liked a deeper massage and I was anxious to deliver. I remember the first massage with her like it was yesterday. Although Dottie was a quiet conversationalist she spoke a different language during her massage. As I started to work on Dottie she started the conversation. It wasn’t one of the English language but that of long drawn out deep moans. Was I hurting her? I checked in. No. She was fine. This became a normal during her massage and I expected this release every week when I saw her.

Fast forward 16 or so years to the beginning of my Mobile Massage era here in AZ. I was working for a company that sent me out to a man that lived pretty far north of the city. He seemed nice enough. He let me in to set up and explained to me that he holds tension in his neck and back from the masonry work he does.

He smelled of stale smoke and was a man of few words. I didn’t feel uneasy, just aware of my surroundings. I started the massage and he quickly added that he may moan during the massage. “Cool “ I thought. I have experience with that from early on in my career. “How bad could it be?”

I started to move into the areas of concern and like he promised the moaning began. It was fine at first. It was a low constant grumble. As we turned the corner on about 15 minutes into the massage it got louder. “Oh man! He wasn’t kidding about it” My head was trying to grasp all of this . At any moment he would surely fall asleep and stop. NOPE! Even when I thought he would doze off its like he realized what was happening and snapped out of his sleep phase and right back into moansville again. 90 minutes was the length of the moan-a-thon. By the end of the session my ears were ringing and my head was declaring it to PLEASE STOP!

I worked with the man for several sessions and each time it was a consistent same as day 1.

I hold zero judgement on how anybody releases during a massage. We are all justified in how we

choose to “let go”

I’ve been moaned on, farted on, kicked, cried on, you name it I’ve felt the repercussions on how each individual chooses to release during each massage session.