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Below are a list of proprietary massage tool and techniques that ensure you get the best massage every time.

 Each 30 minute to 2 hour session includes the soothing sounds of musical landscapes to free the mind and set the mood.

Essential Oils
 We love our therapeutic grade essential oils. These can be incorporated to enhance your massage therapy experience.

Deep Tissue
Deep Pressure is applied with this techniques using neuromuscular / Trigger point therapy to provide relief from chronic pain, muscle tension and pain due to injury.

Light to medium pressure is applied. Swedish techniques use long flowing strokes. Swedish massage is used to provide maximum relaxation.

Sports Massage
Light to deep pressure with stretch techniques. Focus is on areas of concern. Swedish and deep tissue massage may also be incorporated during this massage service.

Pregnancy Massage
This technique for the "Mother-to-be" is extremely helpful in reducing discomfort. The therapist will apply pressure accordingly and there will be careful attention to specific areas of concern. This massage service is also helpful in relieving joint pain as the body changes dramatically.

Elderly / Geriatric massage
This service is similar to swedish massage. We will travel to nursing homes, hospitals or facilities of care. The pressure used during this massage will be adjusted per client needs and careful attention to areas of concern. The soothing touch to the client is very comforting.
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Chair Massage
 A chair massage is a 10-20 massage that focuses on the high tension areas of the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands. Chair massage is performed on an ergonomically designed portable massage chair. Benefits of chair massage at the workplace or at your event include; relief of fatigue, lowers anxiety & hostility, enhances creative thinking, improves problem solving, strengthens immunity, helps prevent repetitive stress injuries, lowers muscle tension and pain. Chair massage overall boosts morale.

Couples Massage
During this session 2 individuals can receive a massage therapy treatment at the same time. This therapy provides the same benefits as any of the other treatments offered. Couples, family or friends can all enjoy this service.

phoenix massage therapy