Who's That Rapper??

February in Phoenix is a super busy time and 2015 was a year that was off the charts. Superbowl was held in Arizona that year and the population exploded here in the Valley of the Sun.

I was headed into my second year of doing mobile massage when I was called to a mansion on Camelback Mountain that was rented for the week. I had no information about the client except for the fact the home rented for close to 20k a night. I went in through the gate as instructed and in front of me was a young man wearing thick gold chains smoking a little ganja. His kids were playing in the infinity pool and the hip hop tunes were blasted in the background. I was shown my space upstairs as I admired the house and wondered “Who’s the Rapper?”

I like to call myself “Celebrity dumb” I seriously don’t know a thing about who’s who in the world of icons except a select few that I worship inside my little bubble.

I set up the table and waited for my rapper guy to come upstairs for the massage.

I briefly spoke with him and instructed him to get on the table. We started the massage. I asked him of his problem areas. He runs a lot. Ok, great. I will work hamstrings, quads, low back, stretch hips etc. The protocol was going through my head. Deep tissue massage with some sports massage incorporated. This rapper was in great shape I thought to myself. And he runs too. hmmmmm. I probe with more questions. He was young, in his early 20’s and had boy like energy which reminded me of my oldest son. He was very kind and interested in me and started asking me questions back. At one point in our conversation he said he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. DING DING DING…I know them !!! I felt like Buddy the elf when somebody spoke of Santa. “My husband is a big fan of the Steelers” I blurted out. He then says.”Oh, so you don’t know who I am?” I’m somewhat embarrassed but I state the obvious. “Ummm, No I’m sorry” He introduces himself. ‘I’m “Mr. B”. That meant nothing to me but I knew my mission was to help Mr. B and his tight hamstring issue. I worked on him for 90 minutes and he was impressed. He booked me for 2 days later.

On my way home I called Myrl and told him I had the chance to work on a football player from his favorite team. He says “Oh yea. who?” I said ”I’m not sure who he is but he introduced himself as “Mr. B”. Myrl was excited, way more than I would have guessed. “Do you know he is? “ Before I had a chance to answer. “He’s the leading (something or other<that’s what I heard in my head>) for the Steelers?” My reply was simply “Nope. I don’t know him, but I am going back in a few days”.

2 days later I returned to Mr. B’s mansion rental in the sky. I walked in to an entrance way filled with shoes, clothing, hats, tons of merchandise that lined the pathway to the room where I would massage him.

We talked briefly as I went to work. He just got done playing an all star game and wanted to decompress. He fell asleep. Besides giving Myrl Mr. B’s dirty sheets what else could I do to capture this moment of glory for my dedicated die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan? As i was finishing up his hamstrings and before I had Mr. B turn over to his back I stepped in a little puddle of dribble on the floor. OMG! perfect! I know this is going to be gross for most of you but one of the ultimate compliments to a massage therapist is a client falling asleep. What’s even more complimentary is a puddle of drool under them. I quickly got the camera and took a snapshot of the drool spot for my beloved husband.

Mr. B had me on speed dial for the duration of his stay. I really loved working with him and told him when he was back in town to contact me. Those days have since come and gone. This is but a distant memory, but a darn good one.

Mr B. only exploded from there and the piddly massage therapist from Phoenix was left in the dust. Mr B went on to excel and continues to excel. He did a season of “Dancing with the Stars” which means you really are a big deal. To this day I will credit my massage work that happened during Superbowl week of 2015 with any and all touchdowns, winning dance moves or milestones in Mr B’s career.