Dances with Hair Plugs

The year was 2014 and I was working for a mobile massage company here in the valley. I was called out to do a late night couples massage at the W hotel in Old town Scottsdale.

I waited for “Ben” the other therapist to arrive. Once he got there we went up to the room. The Mr. and his little lady companion had us set up on the balcony of their room. Ben took on little lady who was in her 20s. I had the Mr. companion who was around 40.

We started the 90 minute session and right out of the gate the Mr. tells me to not work around his neck or hairline. He just had fresh hair implants put in and he wanted them to “take”. I’m intrigued and now I cant stop wondering how this process happens. Meanwhile it has somehow disrupted my typical massage flow since he’s thrown up a “Do not Disturb Sign” on his upper region.

Extra time on the Mr.’s feet and that’s what I did ….This gave me the perfect view to watch Ben work his magic. The lady friend turned into some sort of rag doll on his table. Silly Putty in Ben’s hands. As the soothing sounds came out of the radio It seemed Ben had this choreographed dance he did with her appendages and all parts inbetween. I never saw anything like this and I wanted to be lady friend on that table. But I will say this, I won’t forget that dance between lady ragdoll and Ben. It reminds me how we need to flow freely in our life. It’s a dance between us and all the others we encounter. How do we make it effortless? How do we choreograph such a beautiful intriguing experience without hesitation or throwing up a sign because we are fearful our roots may just be exposed.

Life lessons as we dance with hair plugs.