Cross Dresser Needs Help

12/18/17 submission form request to Phoenix Mobile Massage
Name: Pattie Benetar  
Subject: Getting a Massage, see if I’m a fit 
Message: Call me 

I called Pattie the following day. Pattie turned out to be a male. Oops. Not at all what I would have guessed based on the name or the email name “Patricia Minx” that came through with each correspondence. 
Pattie was reserved and at times stammered with some of the basic questions I was asking. 
Me-“Where are you located?” 
Me-“Great. What type of massage are you looking for? Are you having a specific problem?”
Me- “Pattie are you there?”
P- (stammers a bit and finally.....) “Ummmmmm I’m not sure if you’d do this for me but I’ve been hiding for a long time” 
I’m confused at the statement but intrigued what he wants me to do. 
Me-“ I can surely see what I can do for you”
P- “ I think I’m ready to finally go out and wear women’s clothes in public”
Me- “Oh! I’m glad. I’m not sure how I fit into this scenario 
P- “I was truly hoping to get a massage to relax before I get dressed to go out”
Me- “ I can surely try to get a therapist for you”
P- “I’d like you to be the therapist if at all possible” 
At this point I truly wanted to help the guy. Honestly, I did. Then it took a strange turn when he asked me to come over and do his makeup after the massage. 
Oh heavens to Betsy! 
Me- “Pattie, have you looked at my profile on the website? I’m about as plain as they come!”
 I’m laughing as I explain to him that I have zero experience with makeup and he may look like a toddler had a hand in it by the time I was done. We continue the conversation for a few more minutes as I try to think of a solution to help Patricia Minx. 
I suggested he go to Sephora or a professional artist I know in Old Town Scottsdale. That was not what he wanted. 
In the next breath he is inquiring about clothing. Seriously! Why am I still talking about this? I don’t do makeup and my style is 3 levels of clothing. Level 3 An outfit requiring pants, this would typically happen if I had a meeting or if the husband and I were going on a date. Level 2 everyday clothing. This is work or gym clothes. Yoga pants and a tank top. I’m comfortable. I can move freely and it suits me most days. Level 1 lounge or house clothes. This is a T-shirt and pj pants or shorts. So that sums up my style. Again, I’m laughing as I mentally dress Pattie up in man leggings and send him out on the town. 
P- “What would really help is if you could wear panty hose when you come massage me. If I could just touch your legs from the knee down?” 
Me- silence.
Me- Drop dead silence.
Me- More silence.
Me- Uncomfortable I can’t believe you just said that silence.
Me- And finally there was what the hell did I just hear silence. 
Me- “ I’m sorry but I can not help you there. I  wear pantry hose once a year(if I have a wedding or something that requires a dress) and i must tell you I WILL NOT be massaging anyone while wearing them. 
I politely told Pattie we were not a fit but I suggested a meetup group to help him ease into his fantastic fabulous fancy self. 
I truly wanted to help this guy but my boundaries do not include such requests. I sent him on his way with love and well wishes. I truly hope he found what he needed. 
Thank you for the story Patricia Minx. I hope this past year built your confidence into the tall glass of velveteen that you ARE!