Happy Endings?

Ugh! If I never hear this phrase again it can not be soon enough! Early in my career I found a level of discomfort when people would ask "Soooooo..... Do you give happy endings?" This was meant to break the ice, be humorous,or original? I learned quickly how to give my best blank stare. I moved away from the fake laugh as they laughed and the stare became my normal. What a question to ask. At one point in my career I took extreme offense to this. After all, I am an educated professional. I came to realize that some people are awkward and I can not go into that awkward place with them. If this question is presented to me in a social situation I can now simply say "no" and move on. The explanation is not worth my time and energy. However if the situation involves a client receiving massage service at the time, I immediately terminate the session. I use my best "Mom voice" as I scold them for their lack of respect. I pack up my belongings in a timely fashion, collect payment and slam the door. I call my husband to vent. I'm still pissed. He diffuses the situation and tells me that I should take it as a compliment that people still find me attractive. I laugh, we laugh and I go on with my day.