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Massage Envy vs. Phoenix Mobile Massage

The differences between a "Massage Envy" or other chain massage and a massage from Phoenix Mobile Massage 

Visiting a massage chain like Massage Envy can be a very different experience than that of an in home massage from Phoenix Mobile Massage. Each offers a different business model And this post outlines some of the differences you can expect, although you should always expect nothing less than to leave feeling better than you did before your treatment.

 Time on the Table

Typically, chains book guests for an hour or 90-minute massage and leave five or ten minutes off the actual time to allow the therapist to turn the room over. So the actual time you spend on the table is 50 or 80 minutes. Therapists in private practice often book a client for a true 60, 90 or 120-minute massage, meaning the client spends all of that time on the table, the moment the therapist's hands touch the client. It’s always a good idea to ask before your session so that you are not surprised.


The price can vary greatly between a chain like Massage Envy and an independent therapist company such as Phoenix Mobile Massage. Often, an independent massage therapist must charge more than a massage chain due to the simple fact of overhead. A solo therapist is responsible for supplies, travel expenses and business expenses where as an LMT employed by a chain doesn’t have to worry about any of that.

Chains also offer membership pricing with the stipulation that you use a massage each month. They require a contract and there is a possibility there will be fees associated with the terms if you decide to cancel the membership. 

Prices can also reflect the quality of service you will receive. Chains, in my opinion, drastically under pay LMTs as well as working long hours resulting in a possibility of less than quality work and a faster turnover in employees. I am not saying that there are not phenomenal massage therapists working at chains, I am just saying that those therapists deserve to get paid more. It is not likely a fantastic therapist will stay long term due to these conditions. 


When you call to schedule a treatment with a massage chain like Massage Envy, you will not typically have the opportunity to speak with a therapist directly. The receptionist will tell you what modalities a given therapist focuses on. Beyond that, I’m not sure how far you will get with specific questions.

A chain will have more therapists working at any given time which will give you some flexibility with available times if you are not choosy as to what LMT you work with. A private massage practice such as Phoenix Mobile Massage has a smaller staff that may have less flexibility and/or availability, especially if a specific therapist is requested. 

When scheduling clients, a therapist that is working independently has the leeway to book clients in a way that gives them an adequate and comfortable amount of time between sessions. The LMT will have time to regroup, hydrate, eat etc. leaving them refreshed and ready for a new session to start. In contrast, therapists at chains have five-minute windows to give clients homework for healing, take notes, change the room over, grab a snack, use the bathroom and whatever else they need to do. This just isn’t enough time for a smooth transition without either the therapist, the client leaving and/or the new client coming in feeling rushed.

In addition, solo therapists have complete control of how much they work in a day so they do not become overbooked. I can tell you, there is no faster way to burn out as a therapist than working past your physical or mental limitations.

 Personal Touch

Working for one’s self, the sky is the limit when it comes to personal touches to a client’s experience. Independent therapists are not limited to what corporately approves. The massage therapists have a bit more freedom to add personal touches. The atmosphere will welcome you with a different energy resulting in a unique experience. A smaller practice also means you will get more individualized personal attention.


Last but not least, a massage experience with Phoenix Mobile Massage is vastly different from a massage experience at a chain massage in that we bring everything to you. It takes the worry and tension out of driving to and from your massage appointment. This, in my opinion, is worth its weight in gold giving you the ultimate relaxation experience. 

So there you have it. There is no right answer when it comes to choosing where to receive your bodywork, just so long as you feel comfortable and are getting the results you are seeking. While there are some major differences between a massage chain like Massage Envy and a small private practice such as Phoenix Mobile Massage, fantastic therapists can be found in both places.