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What is a Professional Massage?

Massaging is the gentle art of kneading and applying friction on the soft tissues through manipulation techniques. It is considered as one of the oldest healing methods to alleviate physical discomfort caused by daily stress. Of course, almost anybody can perform massages to relieve backaches, but targeting the right tissues to be effective is the principal aim.
Professional massages transcend this otherwise physical and recreational experience to a soul satisfying one. The primary difference between a massage from a talented amateur and a professional massage is that the latter is done by professionals that undergo training that is considered as the first step to become a full time therapist. Professional massage therapists monitor the standards of their profession by being critical and by applying the moral rules to situations. A Professional massage is more than just a massage. Professionals have a dedicated body of information, certification and license and usually belong to a professional organization. Mobile massage therapists are more in demand these days.
Types of professional massages:
·       Deep Tissue massages and Sports Massage:
  Getting a professional sports massage is a solution to injuries caused by sports like upper back and shoulder stress. A deep tissue massage helps to de-stress chronically tensed muscles where the innermost layers of muscle tissue, fascia and tendons are focused upon. A complete back massage can also relieve all inbuilt tensions and stress and helps athletes to get back to business.
·       Trigger pointMassage Therapy:
  A taut area in muscle tissue causes pain elsewhere in the body. It may be a sharp, intense pain or a dull throbbing ache. The Trigger point massage therapy is exclusively intended to assuage pain through pressure and help to alleviate it by releasing the constricted muscles. Regular Trigger Point therapy can help you to manage stress and pain.
·       Hot stone massage therapy:
  This is the best way to remove tension and to relax muscles, increase metabolism and circulation. Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, increases circulation and metabolism. Water heated smooth stones are placed at certain points of your body for a session of an hour and a half.
·       Prenatal Massage:
  Massage for pregnant women help relieve them from pregnancy based discomforts. This encourages better circulation and relieves joint pains. It fights depression and anxiety which are caused due to hormonal changes.
·       Swedish Massage:
  This is a gentle and relaxing massage. The therapist administers strokes, taps and kneads on muscles in the same direction as the blood flow to the heart.
·       Couple massage:
  The couple massage is affectionately known as a duet massage. It is gaining popularity as most couples want to spend quality time with each other, whenever they can. It is quite simple. Two people are massaged simultaneously, at the same time, and in the same room. The therapists will be different. The couple can be mothers and daughters, partners of the same sex, married couples, best friends or girl friends and boyfriends. The couple massage is a winner. According to Boykin, a certified therapist for family and marriage, couple massages help couples to reconnect.
Mobile massage therapy in Phoenix is actively helping couples and athletes in Arizona. You must try out the couple massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage. These professional massages rejuvenate and expose a new personality brimming with vigour and exuberance.